‘Thank you Sabine for the meditation and visualization sessions for my mum. My mum finds them very enjoyable and is getting a lot of peace and new useful tools for dealing with pain from them! We are very grateful for your help in my mom’s cancer journey.’


‘Your joy and presence and the gifts of scientific knowledge coupled with yogic knowledge about mindfulness, posture and breathing have helped me enormously in dealing with the many changes I am going through. You truly have a gift!’


‘Sabine’s presence is centering, calm and reassuring; her knowledge of meditation and breathwork amazing, making both practices joy and truly rewarding! Thank you for your uplifting presence!’




‘In my battle with cancer Belle has been a constant and comforting support. She is an excellent listener and poser of relevant questions and ensures a full understanding of the patient’s situation. She then brings her wide knowledge and experience in several fields to bear in planning a regime of products and practices tailored optimally to the patient’s needs. Belle is a willing and empathetic sounding board and works with the patient to monitor symptoms and further refine treatment if needed. She works not just as a naturopath but as a counsellor, teacher (through seminars) and a yoga instructor. I have greatly benefited from taking part in Belle’s course Empower Yourself To Heal, a profound and uplifting series of classes examining highly evolved thinking on true physical, psychological and spiritual health and the most practical ways to achieve it. In addition, complete sets of notes were provided after every session. Yoga with Belle (my class being specifically for cancer patients) was very peaceful, relaxing, affirming and yet still providing rigour and challenge in exercising body and mind in the most beneficial way. I highly recommend Belle as a practitioner who is not just thoroughly professional but who has a genuine concern for the welfare of each patient. She is patient, kind, generous and completely approachable.’


‘Belle has been an integral part of my cancer journey. My specialists each look after their own area but Belle looks after the whole of me. With her medical background, Belle understands the side effects of surgery and chemo and what complementary medicines can and cannot be used. The supplements I take and dietary changes recommended have been explained with a scientific approach and have helped my body cope with all aspects of my treatment, far better than the doctors expected. Belle doesn’t oppose conventional medicine but works with it to make for a better outcome. Going to see Belle was my decision and gave me back some control in a situation in which I first felt I had no control.’


‘Just as a routine check-up the Doctor suggested a blood test & to surprise of all it showed high white cell count. What I heard from the Doctor was I should have five good years left & then five years of treatment which be a declining wellbeing period & then dead. He may have said other things but that is what stayed in my memory. He suggested I see a Specialist which I did & still do periodically, including a blood test. About 7 years went by & I heard a speaker at a Leukaemia Foundation Education day being held at Hope Valley. The speaker was Belle McCaleb & she spoke about looking after the whole body & not just concentrating on the failing components. That is to keep the overall body as good as practical which would then give the body more opportunity to repair or at least slow down the failing of components by using nutrients, herbs etc. that have a proven track record. As I had passed the 5 year mark & it looked like I might live a bit longer I needed somebody that showed an interest in my overall wellbeing. The short story is Belle looked at my blood test results, had my hair, urine, saliva, my job, life style analysed. She then set about with a list of actions I should take. This included what would be good for me to eat, how to enhance my life style, nutrients & herbs I should take. The herbs & nutrients have specific tasks that are some are for glucose & cholesterol control. Others are for trimming blood disorders, others to assist in combating my exposure to oil & fuels. This is all reviewed every two or three months including the latest blood test results, she also uses her Live Blood Assessment, cholesterol, glucose tools as well. The last change has been to now make green juice to lower my acid levels & raise the alkaline level. All in all it is good to have someone assisting you to keep well.’




‘Thank you so much for your precious gift of masage & for all the valuable information you provide.  Your support & encouragement has been wonderful.  Words cannot express my full gratitude. ‘


‘Recovering from a mastectomy which caused restricted movement in my arms and swelling througout my limbs it was imperative that I received treatment to aid the healing process.  I have been fortunate enough to receive treatment on a regular basis from Carolyn Rowe.  Carolyn’s treatment has been exceptional.  Carolyn listens to my needs and I find following treatment with Carolyn my swelling decreases dramatically and my range of movement increases significantly.  This is immportant for  me as I live a very active lifestyle and like to attend the gym on a regular basis; without Carolyn’s treatment these activities would prove to be a difficult taks.  Her treatment is soothing, relaxing and therapeutic.  I would highly recommend Carolyn’s treatment; she is an extremely lovely and caring lady who will put your needs as her first priority.’


‘Carolyn has been providing me with lymph drainage massage for risk reduction following me cancer treatment over the past 2 years and it has been a great experience for me. She has extensive experience with patients who are recovering from cancer and has a great knowledge about the cancer recovery process.  Her understanding of issues faced by cancer patients has enabled her to provide support and guidance beyond my expectations.  Carolyn’s warm and empathetic nature, combined with her knowledge and experience, has proven very comforting to me and a significant additional benefit in supporting my recovery and emotional wellbeing.’