The practice of acupuncture is over 5 thousand years old. Ancient sages discovered it through observing the flow of nature. We are after all a piece of nature. Over this time they came to realise that treating specific points on the surface of our body affects the way our body functions. Similarly, if something is not quite right inside our bodies, points of tension or soreness will occurs on our skin. We can affect how our bodies work by inserting very fine needles into these points. While acupuncture is well known for treating muscle tension and injuries, it's main purpose is to regulate how your body functions. You don't have to be unwell to have acupuncture as it harmonises you mind, body and spirit. Consequently, acupuncture is an adjunct to the dietary changes you make as it helps your body to get the most out of your nutritional intake. It also helps considerably with preparation for chemotherapy and radiotherapy, as well as reducing their side effects. Acupuncture will also help you to support your immune system and sense of wellbeing after medical treatment.

Acupuncture Practitioners
  • B.A. Visual Arts – City Art Institute, Sydney 1983-85
  • Diploma of Therapeutic Massage – ACT College of Natural Therapies, Canberra 1992-93
  • Diploma of Applied Science Acupuncture – SA College of Natural and Traditional Medicine, Adelaide 1995-98
  • Certificate of Process Oriented Psycology – Australian and New Zealand Process Oriented  Psychology (ANZPOP), Australia 2006-08
  • Master of Arts Process Work –  ANZPOP and Process Work Institute, Portland, OR, USA 2006-15
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