Body Psychotherapy

Body psychotherapy is based on the premise that our mind and body are not separate, but are one in the same thing. Our bodies are us and have have a wisdom that our socialised identities struggle to understand. I make use of the creative awareness methods within Process Work to help you unlock this mystery. Process Work was founded by Dr. Arnold Mindell, a transpersonal psychologist. The focus of his initial research was the discovery of how our night time dreams parallel our body symptoms. Through understanding the language of our dreams and our troubling body symptoms, we gain access to a greater wisdom within ourselves. The challenge of life difficulties can also be pathways to growth.

Body Psychotherapy Practitioners
  • B.A. Visual Arts – City Art Institute, Sydney 1983-85
  • Diploma of Therapeutic Massage – ACT College of Natural Therapies, Canberra 1992-93
  • Diploma of Applied Science Acupuncture – SA College of Natural and Traditional Medicine, Adelaide 1995-98
  • Certificate of Process Oriented Psycology – Australian and New Zealand Process Oriented  Psychology (ANZPOP), Australia 2006-08
  • Master of Arts Process Work –  ANZPOP and Process Work Institute, Portland, OR, USA 2006-15
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