About CSA

What is the Cancer Support Alliance (CSA)?

The aims of the CSA are to provide cancer patients and their families with access to qualified, experienced professionals who specialise in supportive cancer care. The CSA has been founded by Belle McCaleb, a naturopath, herbalist, counsellor. registered yoga therapist and registered nurse who has specialised in cancer support since 2003.  

Why consider complementary care?

Our motto is “Empower yourself to heal” as we know that through complementary care approaches individuals can regain their sense of control, self confidence and well-being. Complementary care does not exclude medical care, rather it complements medical approaches by maximising well-being on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social. Complementary care use is on the rise. Recent estimates suggest that as many as 64% of adult cancer patients use complementary care (Lowenthal R, 2005, Medical Journal of Australia). This interest in complementary care has sparked a great deal of interest by scientific researchers. Recent research supports that therapies such as yoga, massage, counselling, nutritional medicine, herbal medicine and others assist with symptoms including anxiety, depression, pain management, nausea and sleeplessness. In addition, many therapies have been demonstrated to support the immune system during medical treatments and its recovery following medical treatments.  

Who are the CSA practitioners?

The CSA practitioners are all professionals in their fields and hold relevant qualifications and professional memberships. All have experience and a special interest in working with cancer patients and their families.  

How does one access the services?

Therapy information and contact details for CSA therapists are provided on the attached web pages. You may contact the therapists directly for more information or an appointment. Many therapists have there own websites with more information.